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    Gold !!

    An easier way to make gold in aika, and through the Garden Aereo, is much more bigger, the secret is in either dual or shooter it from lvl 65 can cross the invisible garden, and the last boss with set siridun honor +3 ja and easy to kill, the crystal normal df prices are now in the 1kk apatir aikabr are, or may even use to put on your set thus improving podeno drop in hard crystal accessories, or damage to the elite, preferably use the ease of a sniper killing siridum is greater.

    Today we know how to get the event over many medals 2.0 lvl weak why do you think ...
    You gain some practical reasons potions Maga Aegis Aegis and Healing are very good at the time of tightening, so you must upload the winning ticket CTE xp, plus some good rewards ...
    License to mount, as we know today that the cash is already expensive way would be a savings
    Extract and Hira-A-A and Kaize Kaize and Hira A
    and Extract Enriched Hinra Kize A and A
    You do not sell poderar what to do with them, there are two options to refine a set vendelo later, or save and use to refine their own set when you arrive at the level ...
    I myself prefer to save time for me to use my set and refinalo!
    Extract the Hinra Kaize Enriched and AA, only here it gets a bit tricky! more is good when you something like that guar

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    is a very simple else who has no notion of the dungeon is harder

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