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    Learn more about CTE

    Some details of the CTE that there were "revealed".

    First, the conditions for victory. The CTE is divided into 03 steps. Below is a table with a list of what should be done:

    step 1 - Duration: 4 minutes

    Defeat the monsters that appear in the field
    Note: the number of monsters varies with the number of participants

    step 2 - Duration: 4 minutes

    Divert the attacks in the area within the field
    Note: Look for areas of security!

    step 3 - Duration: 4 minutes

    Defeat the bosses that appear in the field
    Note: The number of chiefs and their HP vary according to number of participants

    And there's more!
    Completing the stages you have the chance to win the following items:

    Complete Stage 1

    Potion of Speed
    Potion of Resistance
    Potion of Strength
    Potion of Intelligence
    Potion of Agility
    Potion concentrated HP
    MP potion concentrated

    Complete Stage 2

    Extract Kaize-D-
    Extract Kaize-C-
    Extract Kaize-B-
    Enriched extract of Kaize-D-
    Enriched extract of Kaize-C-
    Enriched extract of Kaize-B-

    Complete Stage 3

    Extract Hira-D-
    Extract Hira-C-
    Extract Hira-B-
    Enriched extract of Hira-D-
    Enriched extract of Hira-C-
    Enriched extract of Hira-B-

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