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    Archeology System

    Hi, pals! I'm a new member of the forum and today I'm posting a guide on the system of archeology, recently launched in Aika BR.

    The system came with the update that brings the island of Hestia, the last part of the epic II.
    Consists of performing the quests repeat the new NPC in Basilan, where you get several items as a reward.
    The NPC will have two quests available.
    The goal of the first quest is to find the "mysterious jars" and collect the Crystal Shards. (The jars are scattered all maps Lakia).
    Add the required amount and get the "Ancient Crystal."
    In the second quest, you need the Ancient Crystal (obtained in the first quest) and also the "Locked Box Relic." Again, it is necessary to look for pitchers to get the item.
    The jars are scattered throughout the maps Verband, Amarkand, Sigmund, L'enfer Mine and Cahill.
    After doing the quest, it's time to take a chance!
    It's like a roulette wheel, you use the item and a window appears on screen.

    When you press the button to stop, you win the item drawn.

    The items are completely random! The video player has won the necklace without value, but may also be drawn the following items:

    Rare-Weapons Level 65
    Rare-Weapons Level 75
    -Improvement Centers
    Superior Sets*-lv64

    And other things. It's just luck.

    Source: Nosso Aika (Brazilian fan site of Aika)

    Anyway, I hope it helped someone! And hope I have not committed any mistake or violated the rules.
    And sorry for my bad English, I used Google Translate xD
    If you could give me a "Thank You" I would be very grateful!
    (I can't post links because is my first post, sorry!)


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    the bad thing is that it takes to find all the quest items
    Excuse me for using Google Translator

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