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    Warlock lvl 1-80


    • lvl 1 - 50

    First of all start with the build: AIKA ONLINE - スキルシミュレータ

    1 - 10. Making missions in Verband.
    11 - 20. Going to do missions in four mushroom farm.
    21 - 30. At this level you can do missions in Amarkand or go straight to the cave Hekla.
    31 - 40. Go to the desert you will level up Quickly, if not giving exp goes to Mina
    Always doing the missions.
    41 - 50. The most annoying 9 levels to level up, making the missions go Mountain in Hessen, or upe the currency of determination.

    • lvl 51 - 60

    Continuation of Build: AIKA ONLINE - スキルシミュレータ
    At this level you will level up in the mutants, with this you can build alone kill mutant

    51-53~55. Mutant plant
    53-62. Mutant Dog Choshu, In Group luring the whole map
    56-59~62. Buto Mutant

    • lvl 61 - 70

    Continuation of Build: AIKA ONLINE - スキルシミュレータ
    Up necrador the easiest way to level is quietly killing Penza powerful in raid

    • lvl 71 - 80

    Continuation of Build: AIKA ONLINE - スキルシミュレータ
    71-75 doing leopold quest
    75-80 10% daily or doing quest leopold Karena
    Karena killing mutants, or Guards
    Or best of all Pheltas

    Build PvE oriented

    Sorry for the mistakes of English

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