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    Shooter and Dual

    DJ crew noticed ice on the area that ultimately the crystals siridun is giving a lot of gold, because for those who do not know seridun, the final boss of Dugeon, GARDEN
    drop, a nucleus, which becomes open to the crystals, I noticed that a very good way of making, gold, and I interressante guys bring the PGC. ! obs: ATT and Dual pass invizivel other class has to clean the dg

    Easy: Crystal Armor
    Difficult: Crystal Accessories
    Elite Weapon Crystals ...

    be most useful thought this was thanks to and paid staff

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    0 he get in at the dungeon being in the city??

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    Quote Originally Posted by lanceaurion View Post he get in at the dungeon being in the city??
    It appears upon "Wait," and then she clicks the entry appears in DG. I do not know what it is, just know that this is what allows she to enter the DG being in the city.

    É pra ficar com medo?

    Apenas observo...

    Não faço nenhum tipo de venda de hack no jogo, então se in game ver algum "Leonardo PGC" não acredite, pois será alguém tentando te roubar.

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