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    Exclamation Rifleman - The Assassin of Aika


    The sniper is a long ranged class in Aika . It also has remarkable range which is useful since it gets you outside AOE range for bosses, and lets you attack from farther range in PvP . The damage is also very respectable in single target , you can one hit one kill if you have good weapon . And skills of sniper can create many effect on your enemies (example : slow , decreases physical def , stun ...). For my personal , sniper is the best on PvPs mode and raid , but hard to level up, so you should have your perma party to grind , dun with your friends or another players .Of course , play game with your friends will good than alone At higher levels, the Sniper gains the ability to shoot area effect shells as well as build fixed turrets which fire autonomously, increasing his deadliness. His range, dexterity, and talent for picking off weak foes without attracting attention make him a singular asset to any party. Armed with increasingly powerful two-handed rifles and protected by sturdy leather suits, the Sniper is truly a class to be contended with – whether or not you know he’s there.


    Able to hide
    Long ranged attacks
    Heavy damage


    Low defense (need a good investment)
    Requires bullets to attack (But u can bug this)
    Magic Attack

    Primary Attributes


    Secondary attributes

    Physical Attack [p.atk] , critical [crit]

    Questions that always make us

    What should choose Pran for Sniper ?

    The fire pran is really a must , some people think the air the best choice, but after this last update, I think the fire is still my best choice. Either way, make the both.

    How about Weapon/Armor for Sniper?

    If you are newbie , you should use your equips you get from Quest and save your money. But if you want or you are rich, just pay your money to buy only good weapon or amore which are already upgraded at your level can use , because that will help your levels up faster . When u get level 50+, you should use honor set or Superior , because it is cheap and easy to upgrade . Or you will have the selection unique set to use .

    What is good set for Sniper at lvls 50+ ?

    1. Lvl 50 - Abyss set (RankD) - lacks the weapon : If you do not have money , Abyss set is your choice . Because it is so cheap to buy and upgrade (rank D) , and you can level down to use

    *Set Bonus 2 piece*: Fire Resist + 60

    *Set Bonus 4 piece*: Max HP + 320/Max MP + 230

    2. Lvl 50 - Ursula Hell Set - Silent mana(Rank C) : this set give you many mp and recovery rate mp , so you dont worry about your mp to use skill when grinding or dungeon. But it is rank C , so you need some money to upgrade it

    *Set Bonus 3 piece*: Max HP + 580/Max MP + 420

    *Set Bonus 4 piece*: Phy Atk + 26/MP required for skills decreased by 10%

    *Set Bonus Full Set*: Chance to restore 200 MP when you attack or use a skill

    3. Lvl 50 - LM2 set - Gray Hawk Set (Rank C) : It is the best set for sniper , add your SAM and critical rate .

    *Set Bonus 3 piece*: Max HP +480/Max MP + 350

    *Set Bonus 4 piece*: Skill Attack Max + 52/Crit Rate + 6

    *Set Bonus Full Set*: Chance to give a self-buff that makes all attacks critical for 5-seconds

    5. Lvl 55 - Upper Hell Set - Black ghost set (Rank B): I think it is the best set like Lm2 set too ...Add your agi

    *Set Bonus 3 piece*: Max HP + 630/Max MP + 470

    *Set Bonus 4 piece*: Agi + 15/Con + 10

    *Set Bonus Full Set*: Chance for self-buff that gives 30 Agi for 15 seconds.

    After lvl 55 I really advise you to do the honor of the set of 65, you will use it to make the ancient 75 anyway.

    How about Mount Stone ?

    About Mount Stone use double 3 x3


    Assassin Build (Only 1- 59): Max Hiding (Dont max it if you not lvl 59+ ) Why?

    1. Max Hiding give you the flexibility to easilt run around high lvl map , pass the choke , or chasing the enemies.

    2. Max Hiding give you the extra time to get yourself in good position before using Sniping Stance. Players can see you using Sniping Stance, therefore you want to get to their blind spots before you cast Sniping Stance. Never use Sniping Stance infront of Players ! Remember , Sniping Stance can break with stun….

    3. Max Hiding increases your survivability. Sniper are very vulnerable w/oSniping Stance. There is way to get Sniper stay in Sniping Stance infinitely. Let's me show you some calculation: If you have relics -10% cool down, 10% increase duration and -4% cool down on your weapon. Your Hiding/Sniping Stance will have 103 secs cool down. Your Sniping Stance last 22 secs and your hiding last 66secs. Your total time in hide is 88secs. You only need to wait 15secs to use Sniping Stance again. So you are in hiding for almost all the time.

    If your nation to get the relic cooldown lvl 2 or 3 , you will in hiding forever...

    AIKA ONLINE: Skill Simulator

    With my small experience :

    + Your target in raid alway Priest and Sniper , kill them frist....

    + Alway use Hiding to move ( if Hiding max)

    + When pvp with NM , use Elimination to remove mana shield first( if NM have >1 buff , its hard to remove mana shield ..)

    + First Encounter stun only 4-4,5s..Dont cast Blow Back after FE..Because War/dg can buff on Block / Miss.. RM/DG can hide..Pri can use lvl 59 skill..Crus can buff on reflect damage..

    And the best and most important rule of all ... Have fun!

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    woww man, nice topic, could make the Templar now
    Excuse me for using Google Translator

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    Congratulations this is my class!

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