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    EPIC III - Patchlist Americano

    According to the arrival of updates, it is normal also be provided a PATCHLIST, which contains major changes and news.

    Below is the PATCHLIST EPIC III Aika American. Content gPotato.

    New area Added: Disceroa. It can be accessed through the teleporter in the city Regenshein. Disceroa is the first map on the surface of Arcan.
    Added new dungeon: "Gateway Abyss" ("Door to the Abyss" in free translation).
    Added new set of Unique Rare Weapons of level 85.
    Added new sets of Honour (Rank-AA-) of level 85. They can be purchased in Disceroa.
    The threshold level was increased to 85.
    Added 01 (a) new skill for each class. Obtained at level 81.
    Added the Arena Elter, only for players above level 71.
    Added Training Center Elter, only to convey between 21-60
    [Updated] NPC Lilola Hawn is now clearly visible and is also next to the guard Diego.

    [Updated] Added new feature "run as" the mini-map. This feature is based on pressing the button near the mini-map and a random number is generated. Ex: Maud hit 32 points in the data. This is to make comparisons between players.
    A practical example is after killing the last boss of the dungeon, those who take more points on the dice is to drop! Anyway, this is just an idea of ​​the diverse uses of the Given. Making bets on gold, have fun.
    Pran my opinion: Mess.

    The nation's power system was reformed.
    The War of Torres in Leopold is now based in accordance with the performance during the last war.
    New items can create in Anvil.
    New mode of interaction with the pran. Tickle me to receive different gifts.

    The Wars of Relics are monitored and the slots in Devirs be controlled.
    At the time the setting is this:
    Amarkand - 2 Slots
    Sigmund - 2 Slots
    Cahill - 3 slots
    Mirza - 5 slots

    If during the change in the number of open slosts the relics are locked into a slot, it will not be deleted, but once that is removed can no longer return to the locked slot.


    The wars of the tower, is basically this:
    -A nation that is "screwed up" in the last war, will have his share of points needed to not get a debuff reduced. In short: it will take less than the other relics.
    Already, the nation that won, you have to try harder, having to get more relics.
    The system evaluates the participation of nations and not the performance itself


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    Do u have any info about the 85 honor gear /acc ? What are the blue stats/set effect?

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