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    Legit Speed Hacking

    In order to use a legit speed hack without need for an xtarp bypass, while pressing forward, just alternate pressing w and r while running. do not do it too fast our you WILL disconnect from the game. It works for me in AIKA NA and I use it to catch up to clerics with haste and people who have more ms than me. Happy running!

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    this is not a speed hack man... just bug skill ¬¬''

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    It really works, but is not a hack, and yes, a bug, because hack requiring the use of programs, which makes this speedup is achieved via a bug.

    É pra ficar com medo?

    Apenas observo...

    Não faço nenhum tipo de venda de hack no jogo, então se in game ver algum "Leonardo PGC" não acredite, pois será alguém tentando te roubar.

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