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    Pics - Epic III from GPotato

    GPotato has released some pics from their new EPIC III

    Here's the description:
    We're less than a week away from the release of Epic III. Epic III will consist of three chapters that will tell the story of the humanity's ever more difficult struggle for survival. For the first time ever we will be leaving the safety of the Sky Islands and will return to the surface of Arcan in chapter 1. In the first chapter the Aitan from the five nations must work together to secure a foothold in this dangerous world in order to save the falling Sky Islands, but alliances built on such unstable foundations are bound to be broken; when that day comes all of Arcan will shake with the sounds of war. Use this period to build up your power, solidify (or back-stab) your allies, and brace your nation to survive in the upcoming Desepheron Warfare expansion.

    and so the pics:

    this last one with the system of costumes ^^

    The Aitans will go to Arcan *-*

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    Cool the novelty of the Epic III, are left in the news Blog MAUD, good news, I liked the 'system of dress', and I'm anxious for it in our AikaBr.

    Legal as novidade do Epic III, estás noticias sairam no Blog do MAUD, boas noticias, gostei mais do 'sistema de trajes', e estou ancioso por isto no nosso AikaBr.

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    WoW EPIC 3 will be so amazing!

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