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    Lightbulb How to earn gold fast in Aika for Newbie

    Aika's Newbie will be like to find the way for earn gold at the first time so now i has make this post for yal that wanna know

    How To Earn Gold Fast For Newbie Aika Player

    I guide u all in 10 ways to get it i hope that is the useful one thread for u all who need to know
    and i hope that this post will get me a new access in member of this Forum
    If it's a useful post for u pls dn't 4get press Thank

    1- Do all your quest . ( The faster you finish small quest with small rewards, the faster you get to quest with big rewards).

    2- Keep Hunting. ( The stronger mobs , the better drops).

    3- Keep looking for Wooden Box (Much material in box that u'll get is for sell ).that easy when u do ur quest just look on mini map u'll see green point like NPC but it's the box u looking for .

    4- Joint Events. (Like the Forum Resurrection Event for Example).

    5- Conserve you resources. (For Example Snipers, Conserve your bullets).

    6- Farming gold drop in Dungeons are great.

    7- Do all mount quest. (Don't buy the mount 2million is already big in game just do the quest when u rich lv ).

    8- Be smart on trading items. (im sure u'll be know how to trade it).

    9- Buy and Sell. (In Auction house buy cheap items and sell them with increment of 10% or more as u can ).

    10- Disassemble items to get Material Keep it for sell (go to blacksmith u'll see For Making).

    That all hope is Usefull for Newbie

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    one thing I do to get gold, is to go dgs, and the drops I refining weapons and watching for a good price at auction. Example: a gun and fell 5 kaize, I saw the gun and refining in the auction of a good gold ^ ^
    Excuse me for using Google Translator

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