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    Cool Auction System and Mail System

    International Auction House

    Visit Anoria Washton in the South East corner of Regenshein (near Theletar Bariel) to use the IAH.

    Items must be fully repaired to post them. Anoria can Repair All for a fee.

    Post items for sale or buy items from players of any nation.

    Items you purchase and gold received from sales will be available immediately in your mailbox.

    The new IAH has more search fields to complete before it will actually search for the item you want, if you're having trouble with getting the search to initiate, double check that all of the fields on the left have values in them.

    Mail System

    You can access your mail by pressing ; (semicolon) in game or through the community button on your in game menu.

    Players who are citizens can send mail to other players in the same nation or to nationless players. Nationless players can send mail to anyone.

    Once you've opened your mail, you can choose any of the messages by double clicking the message title, collect gold or items from the message then, if you choose, delete the message to keep your inbox tidy.


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