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    Post Small Aika Leveling Tips for Beginers

    This aika leveling guide is intended to get players started on their way to building a character quickly and without falling into that MMORPG trap of not knowing where to head next. Unlike many smaller-scale games, Aika is pretty well-balanced, and there arent any major known exploits, so its necessary to be aware of some solid tactics if you want to make progress at a decent rate.

    Getting Started:

    The best way to go about leveling in the early stages in Aika, as in most other games of this nature, is to focus almost exclusively on questing. The advantage of questing for Aika leveling purposes is that it generally (at least until level 50 or so) provides you with more experience per minute while also keeping you stocked with items and gear that are commensurate with your level.

    Its a good idea to be aware of which repeatable quests are available in your current area. While these quests usually dont offer as much experience as one-time quests do, theyre still better than grinding, and they can often easily be done while youre in the process of doing another quest.

    Party Strategies:

    Note that partying in Aika is a good strategy, but it isnt as disproportionately rewarding or as necessary as in some other games. That being said, if youre intent on farming, its probably a good idea, unless youre a Warlock, in which case your area of effect spells make it possible to farm effectively on a solo basis.

    The party system in Aika results in a lot of fluidity, as people who reach their quotas tend to leave parties immediately. The best way to get a party together for some sustained action is to look for people who are in a similar situation, although this isnt always possible.

    For mid-level characters, Dinos are definitely the best farming target. These will usually require a party to take down, but its well worth it.

    Making and Saving Gold:

    Having a good cash flow is one of the keys to being able to level at a consistently high rate. Monsters in Aika dont drop gold, so youll have to know what to do with the materials they do offer.

    Possibly the best way to manage your money in Aika, though, is to be frugal. You can end up using a lot of money on potions to replenish your health if youre not careful, but by avoiding potions, you can save your money so that it can be used more effectively. One way to go about doing this is to target monsters that are a few levels below you. If theyre 6 or more levels lower, youll get much less experience from them, but there are no penalties for killing monsters within 5 levels. Even monsters 3 levels below you wont pose much of a threat, so your need for potions will be reduced, and therefore your expenditure on potions will also go down.

    Hope this helps.

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