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    caixa de joias / jewelry boxes

    Hello everyone, I'll post a way to increase the drop in jewelry boxes, first of all, always open using soup Karena. Now the main, do not open if you have only a box, leave it open when you have many, put the boxes in the shortcut bar and briefly press the shortcut you chose. Me always increases the drop rate of good items. I believe this is because the sequence of items is all for you. I hope it works for everyone.

    olá a todos, vou postar uma forma de aumentar o drop nas caixas de joias, primeiro de tudo, sempre abra usando a sopa de karena. Agora o principal, não abra se você tiver apenas uma caixa, deixe para abrir quando tiver muitas, coloque as caixas na barra de atalhos e pressione rapidamente o botão do atalho que você escolheu. Comigo sempre aumenta a taxa de drop de itens bons. Acredito que isso acontece porque a sequencia de itens vem toda para você. espero que dê certo para todos.

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    Man I think this is just superstition, there is no evidence that it is functional . It's just lucky
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    it's a good try man...but just supertition...
    the hate of drop is fixed and nohing changed it's. just itens that increase drop hate

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    Quote Originally Posted by marcelo84 View Post
    Me always increases the drop rate of good items. I believe this is because the sequence of items is all for you. I hope it works for everyone.
    No, that's just superstition, many find that doing such things as: Use shortcut, press any key, using soup that increases luck, influence, in fact there is no way this is all server side issue that can not be, so no have your probabildade with some items changed for any player.

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