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    Paladin 1-80 lvl


    1. Leveling your character
    • 1-50 lvl.
    Lease quests - get experience, nothing difficult.
    Equipment: Dress in armor, a distinguished quests or herbs that fell from the dungeon. We look at the stats - dress that gives you more.
    • 51-60 lvl.
    With 50 levels to 51 swings, doing the daily quests in Basilan teachers' skills. And so begins the most boring moment in the game - mobokach, another option you have ... The most optimal mobs - mutants. With 51 start swinging solo on predatory plants that live in the Forest Ungora. How Carnivorous plant will go to blue Sobakozubyh mutants, which also live in the Forest near the Altar of the Assumption Ungora. Then, as Sobakozubye steel blue, go to the Butoh-mutants or ash mutants that live in Ash Wood.
    Equipment: Quest gear at level 50-55.
    • 60-70 lvl.
    At these levels, swinging on the powerful crushing or Verita mutants in Termizi.
    Equipment: Quest gear 60-65 level. Also along the way begin to collect 65 perekrafta Honor set for it in the old =)
    • 70-75 lvl.
    On the 70th lvl becoming available all the quests on the islands of Leopold and Karen, but a lot of experience with them will not be able to take, so the best option - it's Kutch on guard. It is desirable to swing to the party because one will be difficult.
    Also begin to actively go to the raids of stone and rock in Feltase.
    Equipment: It is desirable to have a 65 Honor and also run in quest gear.
    • 75-80 lvl.
    Rocks as well as on the 70-75 levels, but now are trying to solo + daily tasks to 10% experience daily.
    Equipment: You can run in 65 Honoré 6/7, but preferably already have the old 75 / obsidian Honor.

    2. Equipment.

    ЗHere everything is simple. Putting Ancient Honor and stoop. No 3k PVP? Take the Obsidian.


    But if it is absolutely no other option, it will approach the golden quest set.

    -Why did ancient quest set is better set?
    Ancient gives 22 crit, and the lack of offset antikrita stones. At the same quest gear you can not compensate 22 crit. In ancient Sete You can replace the blade on the name to stay with her ​​bun 5 pieces set and get more damage from the name in the quest you will not be able to replace the blade, as 60 will lose strength and composition. Also, damage to the ancient blade is 100 more than a quest. The only thing that gives the quest for 3k more hp than the old.

    3. Accessories

    There are several options. The most popular is the 75 obsidian bizhi Set: Gives 20% chance to resist the silence, stun and immobilize.

    The second option. 2 pieces of the set bizhi "Queen" in order to disperse double + 2 pieces of the set bizhi "Burning of the forest." And, in general, you will receive nine doubles and 9 crit.

    The third option. Collect the ring and earrings set is not transmissible bizhi devil, whose pieces fall from the coffers of the cave + bracelet and necklace set from the Burning of the forest. This kit will give you 18 crit and 12 doubles, but the perfect ring and earrings with the devil chests drop very often.

    4. Pran
    First, insert a force in the belongings of prana
    ALWAYS take the prana of water, as at 55 it gives imunku, which greatly helps in Bringing RELA.
    The second pick in the selection of Prana. Fire at level 55 gives 13 crit, 20% air and cutting down damage.

    5. Stones
    Armor the best option: speed 3, anti-crit. 7 strokes and reduced crit. 5% damage.
    Prana: the power of the stones 5 6
    Mount: The Paladin is very little damage. By this that is inserted in a pet? That's right, strength.
    You can also insert a 3 stone and 4 doubles.
    p.s. Double only applies to auto attacks. The power applies to all skills and adds physical damage, double damage and crit, so the strength of a pet would be best doubles.

    6. Mount
    Purchases that will give 70 Phys. damage, 1k and 280 X Phys.def.
    But it is better to collect quest 75th pet, which will give 12 instead of 280 antikrita Phys. DEF.

    7. Build

    We proceed to the skills are.

    Shield Bash: swing to 1.

    The massive challenge: the most important skill in PVE - max. In PvP, it makes sense to keep on one to shoot down ward other paladins, Vary blocks, dodge shooters DGshkam and withdraw from the Predator.

    The Holy Blood: Maxim is possible. And remember - with the blades and the holy blood, you are invulnerable.

    Takeover target: Has a small pullback, and a pretty decent damage. In PvE at the maximum may help keep the mobs (not bosses) on itself infinitely. In PVP helps bring down wards.

    Point Defense: Max. 75% damage from cutting down the three attacks - it is not very bad. It has a small setback.

    Defense: Max. There are questions of why? Deleting Aika ...

    God's eyes: The first AOE Paladin. Maxim.

    Reflection Shield: reflection of 100% from the same attack. Hold for 1. There are extra points? Maxim.

    Confidence: In all PvP is useless, even at maximum 10 of 10 pass status. In PvE bosses to cast that certainly no one picked RGM.

    Offering: Restores 100% of the absorbed mana. You can keep on one, so if your healers in the camp, and he has little HP could othilyat it.

    Squall Attack: Increases the damage makes splash on auto attacks. If possible, maxing, but must be kept for at least 1.

    Aegis: Increases defense regenerate Xn. Maxim, but at 80 and can be reset

    Divine thread: Maxim. Purpose of attracting and stops it.

    Self-defense: It is still not working. Do not swing.

    Blades heavenly Maxim. Must be absolutely everywhere. Any questions? We read that gives in conjunction with Holy blood.

    Consecration: The second AoE fell. Maxim. Removes a strengthening of the enemy and turns into the undead mobs.

    Verdict: The only worthwhile for Passive paladins. Maxim.

    Unquenchable faith: Increases X and instant regenka. We hold to the one, if there are extra points - max.

    Cross of Justice: Reminds acoustics arrow. The third AoE fell. Maxim.

    Tenderness of the heavens: First buff on the paladin patku. Allows addition of 33 and 33 spirit. In Korea, paladins do not shake this buff ... And rightly so, because each must be soups with Karen, you are given 40 addition, the spirit and strength.

    Divine Duty: flies and cuts 20% of damage to the enemy for 6 sec. Maxim.
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    Nice topic man with many screen shoots , very good
    If i help you give thanks , your finger will not explode

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    very nice post! Really useful to me!

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    Nice post!
    help to make a powerfull paladin,

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    Google Translate:

    some information about the Templars did not know, vlw for sharing ...
    will help me a lot!


    some information about the Templars did not know, vlw for sharing ...
    will help me a lot!

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    Quote Originally Posted by boylove View Post
    Google Translate:

    some information about the Templars did not know, vlw for sharing ...
    will help me a lot!


    some information about the Templars did not know, vlw for sharing ...
    will help me a lot!
    No need resurrect the topic to thank... Just give a 'thanks'.
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