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    Leveling guide

    Level 1 ~ 48:
    Make quests
    Up with coins

    48 ~ 50:
    Up with quests
    Up with plants
    Up with coins
    Up with lakia diamonds (Only 50)

    51 ~ 62:
    Up with plants
    Up with butos
    Up with croshus
    Up with quests and with dung
    Up with medals

    63 ~ 70:
    With support quests (65 +)
    Up with penzas
    Up with croshus
    -Make 10% daily with honor

    70 ~ 76:
    Up making quests leopold
    Up making quests Karena
    Make 10% using daily honor

    76 ~ 80 = Make pheltas dung, daily quests 10% exp and continue leveling with quests

    Make pheltas dung
    Make 10% using daily honor
    Make Karena quests

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    you forget to say about the (red/green/blue) bottle...and now we have too moedas da determinaĆ§Ć£o (determining the currency)
    that can be exchanged for exp..

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    Another alternative is to do at level 48~50 guild quest, also of a good xp ^ ^
    Excuse me for using Google Translator

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