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    Red face [Help Mighty]

    Recently been applied to the help system power, this system works as follows:

    1: You purchase the item in cash shop powerful aid for 5000 cash.
    2: After using the item you will have access to a store extra items found in Regenshein 3459 695.
    3: This shop you will find several items that make it easier on your performance in the game ...

    Premium1 EXP Potion 50% + 10% + Physical Atk Atk Magic Max HP + 10% 5%
    Premium2 EXP Potion Quest Drop 20% + 30% Max HP + 10% + 50% EXP PRANDef Potion
    Premium3 Physical Def + 10% + 10% Magic + 2x Speed 13pts gain of Honor Repairer
    Repairer Advanced Weapons-Category F -
    Repairer Advanced Weapons-Category E -
    Repairer Advanced Weapons-Category D -
    Repairer Advanced Weapons-Category C -
    Repairer Advanced Weapons Category-B -
    Armor Repairer Advanced Category-F-
    Armor Repairer Advanced Category-E-
    Armor Repairer Advanced Category-D-
    Armor Repairer Advanced Category-C-
    Armor Repairer Advanced Category-B-
    Scroll of Return: Regenshein
    Regulus Land
    Areion Brown
    Aldebaran Metallic
    Porima Black
    Lacerda of Shadows
    Litsha Skull
    Saddle Mount


    1 - The item will last for 30 days, ie during this period you are entitled to these items above. You will find the NPC in the center of Regenshein.
    2 - To start work item will require the player to leave the game to login again.
    3 - Avoid buying two items if the intention is present, because the item does NOT work to give someone, it must be purchased directly from the store.
    4 - The item is cumulative, ie if you buy two and activate them will last two months, and so on.
    5 - The buffs from potions work together.

    By: Annihilator┬╣tanks pls

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    Well explained , good topic

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