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Thread: Crystals Ariela

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    Crystals Ariela

    New Sets ask by New Crystals.
    Revenues from Crystals are made through the incubators, dropped in the dungeon modes.

    The 03 recipes require same type of item and provide same type of item.
    To obtain the Crystal, you should get the Egg of 5 Colors.
    The chance to come to a crystal for Weapon\Accessory\Armor is random.

    Thunders are dropped all monsters with "yellow crowns", in all modes.
    To create the Glossy Egg you must have 04 Eggs Normal.
    To create the Normal Egg you must have 04 Eggs Cracked.

    With the exception of Egg 5 Colors, Others Eggs are randomly dropped into the Dungeon: in Lilitus, Boss, and Nests Lilitu.

    The Exchange occurs by these repeat quest, in Antalya:

    But you must be wondering:
    -If the 03 incubators give the same egg, what is the difference between using one and another?
    R: Depending on the incubator you use, there different chances of creating the Egg Five Colors Lilitu successfully.

    However, once you can create your Egg 5 Colors, see what awaits you:

    Excuse the English, translated by google!

    Source:Nosso Aika

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    I did ariela and not get any thunder

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    This is Random, you can drop or not.

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    By chance u can get 2x thunder power source by 1 ariela run, OR get nothing at all. it random and keep farming, sure drop some.

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