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    Crystals and Core System

    As is generally known, Pieces of the Crystal are dropped from monsters in Leopold and in large quantities. They are part of two quests done at Epheso.
    A quest is Daily, Repetition is another.
    The Goal of the two quests is to gain Cold Wave's Crystal.

    How to make:

    NPC at Epheso, you will have two quests, the Daily and Repeat.

    Cold Wave's Crystal are used as currency in a lodge within the game (more precisely on the island of Leopold).

    The "Golden Items" these are above, lvl.75 obtained in the quest.

    Normal items can not undergo a change of Core.

    How to improve
    You will need:
    01 Item Level 70 +
    01 Core Corresponding to the item.

    • The improvement of the core is allowed only to items of level 70 or superior.
    • The item to be improved should be with their refining at least +7.
    • Within the window Improvement there are 4 empty spaces. In these places you can put Extracts of Hira / Kaize (depends on the item to be improved weapon / set) and thus improve the chances of improvement work.

    The extracts should be of the same item level.

    If improvement fails, all items are destroyed except Set / Weapon.
    In case of success or failure, refining remain the same.

    -If I can improve my item, what will change it?

    The item will change its form:
    • The ADD's blue (Eg:HP, Attack, etc.) will be increased significantly.
    • The item will change its name, becoming totally different from before the improvement.

    Below are screenshots showing the changes, notice the blue add bonus.
    Some add's come to DOUBLE.

    Proof that you now have a new item is the Effect (3) (4) (5) it will also change:
    Now, for get these new Effects, will be necessary improve the other parts of the set.

    Final notes:
    • The cores can also be dropped into the Dungeon Ariela.
    • Among Sets Superior, what stands out is Hunter of Truth, who owns the Blue ADD.

    All this hidden behind an item.

    Excuse the English, translated by google!

    Font:Nosso Aika

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    Thanks for any information was very useful for me xD

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