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    New Island: Héstia

    Below is the map of La Conti, the new city game.

    La Conti is the city of Isle of Hestia, the "island of the dragons."
    The difference between him and the other "cities" of the EPIC II is that once you teleport to La Conti, your "save" will be here. The next time you enter the game you will be born here.

    As you will see the following map images are in Portuguese / English. This is because these images were removed from their own AikaBR.

    Starting the Tour by La Conti

    The look is totally different from what we saw there. It looks like a valley, because the place is deep and gives the impression of being in a big hole.

    Here we have some NPC's

    From left to right:
    NPC quest, Bank, Seller (potion, etc.), NPC of Rare lv80

    Well then let's talk with the NPC of Rare

    To buy the equipment you need to have the Light of Hestia as a bargaining chip.
    The item to the Light is dropped in this dungeon that map.

    Continuing our tour here in La Conti there are those 03 NPC's skill
    except that here they wear lv.80

    Excuse the English, translated by google!

    Font:Nosso Aika

    Like it? Thank!

    Thank the finger does not fall xD !!!

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