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    Wink 5 color egg (Aikasea)

    to make '5 color egg' u need :
    1 Shining Lilitu's Egg
    10 Thunder Power Source
    1 incubator (poor incubator or precision incubator or ultra precision incubator)

    All this item can be obtain inside Ariela Dungeon locate in Karena.
    for incubator , u can get by killing last boss - Warkeni.
    difrent dificulty difrent drop (for incubator)

    Ariela Normal - Poor Incubator ( 60% chance of success on crafting 5 color egg )
    Ariela Hard - Precision Incubator ( 80% chance of success on crafting 5 color egg )
    Ariela Elite - Ultra Precision Incubator ( 100% chance of success on crafting 5 color egg )

    after you get 5 color egg , just right click it to obtain random magical crystal that will not drop from monster.
    list of magical crystal that u can obtain by random as below :

    Weapon MC
    213 Heal
    56 Physical attack
    86 Magical attack
    7 Critical
    8 Hit rate

    Armor MC
    202 HP
    202 MP
    48 HP Recovery
    41 MP Recovery
    181 Physical defense
    195 Magical defense
    197 Heal

    Accessory MC
    21 Physical attack
    32 Magical attack

    ok that all

    Hope this can guide u guys ,
    have a nice day

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