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    New Skills 71-75


    Blood Strike

    Cause physical damage to the target.

    additional damage 12% in the current HP of the target.

    Freedom of Howl

    Removes all debuffs and also their group.

    Your movement speed and increased resistance to abnormal status for a period of time.


    Divine Cross

    Summon the power of creating a holy cross Aika causing damage to all enemies in your way.

    Aika's Affection

    Improves the resilience of the Paladin, increasing their MP and luck, as well as increasing the effects of healing the paladin.

    Cause physical damage to the target and returns a certain percentage of damage to HP. If the target dies while receiving this skill, the value of HP received is based on% of total HP of the shooter.

    The percentage is given by the level of skill.

    Death Knell
    Cause physical damage to a monster. Have the chance to instantly kill monsters Elite (which is the crown in the name). In no players the chance to be double the damage.


    Death Mark

    Cause physical damage. Branded to Kill is marked on the target. All players who attack the targets marked absorb his HP, curing.


    Cause physical damage on the target's remaining HP.


    Shadow Mist

    It covers the area in a protective black mist. Absorbs damage and increases Physical Attack Skills, Critical and Evasion by 2 minutes. Absorbs a certain amount of physical damage to the area and dissipates once it reaches the limit of absorption or time.

    Black Hole

    Cause a blast of dark energy.

    The damage is based on the total of the Wizard MP until 6000.




    A divine attack that hurts the target and all enemies in an area of ​​4m. (The original is 1874). Decrease% (initial 28%) of physical damage / magic target. 150% additional damage to demons and undead.

    Holy Water
    Creates the blessed water. This can be consumed to increase the status temporarily.

    Status of Holy Water Lv.1:
    Heal 10,000 HP / MP, and increases
    Atk Fís. +280
    Atak Mag. +370
    Set Fís. +1600
    Set Mag. +2100
    for 1 minute.

    These are the skill's when the lv 71 is released.
    The name of skill can not be the same but the effect of skill it is.

    ;D hope you enjoy
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