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    Skills - FirePran


    5 Essences of Fire
    2 Essence of Water
    2 Essence of Air

    Spark of Fire (Passive) - Adds fire damage to all attacks performed.

    Firefighter (Passive) - Increases resistance against fire.

    Touch of Flame - Charges your weapon with flame to Increase physical attack and magic attack for 30s - Cooldown 120s

    Transform - Transforms Pran in the form of fairy or human.

    Courage (Passive) - Increases HP minimum.

    Backdraft - Creates thorns of fire to deal damage to all targets who attack the caster during 30s - Cooldown 150s

    Catalytic Blaze - Increases the critical rate.

    Enchanted Inferno (Passive) - Burns mana quickly to increase the damage caused by skills during 30s - Cooldown: 180 Seconds

    Hope you enjoy ;D
    to you see what's the best pran for your class.
    soon i'll post about Wind Pran

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