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    Advanced Class Change

    Quest Guide:

    General Requirements: Level = 50, Have Pran equipped, be a citizen of the nation you're attempting to do the quest in.

    1st quest: "Recommended to the Superior"
    - Get this quest from Otto von Schroeder in Regenshein, he'll tell you to go to Captain Cromwell at the Great Hessian Tree

    2nd quest:"The Dimension's Essence"
    - Collect 10 Dimension Essence from Maleye and Demonic Maleye around Tabor and Tabor Market then return to Cromwell.

    3rd quest: "The Letter of Recommendation"
    - Return to Otto in Regenshein

    4th quest: "For Lakia"
    - Defeat 20 each of Skull Spearmen, Skull Trooper, Skull Archer, and 10 Skull Wizard in the Defiled pasture then return to Otto.

    5th quest: "Finding the Holy Grail"
    - Collect the Holy Grail Sanctus from Bogus Boxes in Algon. We got ours on the 15th Bogus Box in our first test, and in the 108th box in our second test, so the time it takes to find the grail varies.

    6th quest: "Punishing the Traitor"
    - Eliminate (Sniper) Dagermark in Darkrane Forest then return to Otto.

    7th quest: "Maximum XP"
    - Acquire XP until you cant get any more, you will not be able to level up to 51 until Otto sends you to Cirrugor and you speak to your new skill trainer (9th quest). Return to Otto now to proceed.

    8th quest: "Giving Donation"
    - Bring 200,000 gold to Otto.

    9th quest: The name of this quest is the name of the class you are about to become. Otto will send you to the appropriate skill trainer in Cirrugor, once you complete the quest you will be level 51, you will have a new character class, and you will have stat points to spend on your character.
    Now you can advance to: Templar ; Conqueror ;Sniper ; Pistoleer ; Saint ; Arcanist

    Hope you like ;D

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    SS could post the location for NPC?? would be easier but it helps very much.

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    It's always good to have a tutorial on the evolution of class layout, because I even had difficulty knowing where to get and where to deliver the mission, thank you ^ ^.

    É sempre bom ter um tutorial sobre a evolução de classe a disposição, pois eu mesmo tive dificuldades para saber onde pegar e onde entregar as missões, muito obrigado ^^.

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