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    Selling items with / without repair.

    Have you ever noticed that when you go to buy an item in its price NPC
    is super expensive and when you will sell ... you got much less gold?

    So, I come here to teach you how to get a little more
    of gold to sell their items to the NPC! ^ ^

    When you drop an item and it will sell the item will have a very low value
    normal as shown in the image below:

    This is because the durability of your item, review the photo above and note
    that the durability of the item is that way: 9 / 69

    Then all you need to do is fix this item before you sell!

    But I'm not going to loose money on it not?

    No, you do not lose your Gold!

    And it will show through the images below:

    Now do the calculations of the sale value of the first photo + repair!

    Altogether 2.451 has not it?

    Now note the value in selling it after I noticed:

    And then ... do you think loses repairing the item before selling? ^.^

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    repost but yours post is more godd than before

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