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    To gain the mount you have to be in lv 40
    These are the quest will you have to do

    1. Wise Choice - Decide to quest for the mount skill and mount.

    2. Learn the Skill With Quest - Verify you will quest for your mount.

    3. Getting Used to the Speed - Eliminate 40 Sanja Sparks, which are located at Sanja Flats in Tabazra Desert.

    4. Patience Test - Collect "holy water of fusion" dropped by Capricorn Guards, Capricorn Wizards or Capricorns Warriors. They are located at Corniton Summit in Mt Hessian and you will probably have to defeat a lot of them.

    5. The Skull of the Devil - Collect the skulls of Vicious Marquis and Gressil from the Marauder Hold and Marauder Cabin Elite dungeon. These dungeons can be started from the Celestine Caverns, north of Amarkand.

    6. Letting Go of Curse - Summon and eliminate the Orhan. His bones are close to Steichen at the Defiled Pasture near Mt Hessian.

    7. Expensive Material - Give "Sir Ruffington" 2 Pure Auralars and 5 Rubicine Ds.

    8. Special Magic Tools - Retrieve the mane of Macanga from the Lost Mines Hard dungeon. On your way you can buy a Skill Gem, which costs 300,000 gold (Taxes not included). Jeweler Sophia, in Cirrugor, sells them.

    9. Caelium of Blessing - Search the Valley of the Void in Amarkand to collect 3 Blue Caeliums of Blessing, which are located randomly on the map.

    10. Artificial Monster - Go to Joshua Farm in Verband. Interact with the Totem of Test. Six monsters will spawn in succession, your task is to kill these monsters and collect six Trial Coins from them. Follow these links to see; Manufactured Darkness Soul, Manufactured Death Knight, Manufactured Watchman Claws, Manufactured Plateau Golem, Manufactured Death Cube and Manufactured White Lion Clan Fanatic. You might want to set your save point to the nearest one in case you don't complete the test on your first try.

    11. Order for Subjugation - You're almost done! Eliminate 30 Red Lion Soldiers, 30 Red Lion Magicians and 30 Red Lions Musketeers. Find them all in Tagoul.

    12. Finally, return to Sir Ruffington in Cirrugor. He will ask you to donate 150,000 gold. Speak with him again, and you will gain a new basic skill named Summon Mount. You can add this Basic Skill to your hotkeys if you like.

    Hope you enjoy..
    If you liked give a thanks ;D
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    Well explained tutorial, congratulations friend
    Welcome To PGC.

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    Good tutorial is easy to understand thanks for sharing it ^ ^.

    Bom Tutorial, está facil de entender obrigado por compartilha-lo ^^.

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