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Thread: Farmed Honor.

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    Farmed Honor.

    Faster to farm honor to get the items you want in honorable tao Aika. I will post this tutorial for those who do not know of this method.

    Go to "Regenschein" location in the image below:

    Then click on the NPC "Administrator of the Battlefield"

    And then "Battlefield":

    When you're moved to the "Battlefield", go and click on the NPC "Moa Brunettes"

    Clicking on the "Moa Morena" a window will open with rooms for the "Field of Batlha", get some room under the name "Farmer 50x0" or something like the image below:

    These rooms are usually 6x6 with a score of 50x0.

    How it works?

    A: It's pretty simple, every game a team loses and loses the other, all this "fixed", where a team will "deliver" another defeat for the win and the next match otherwise.
    These games with a good team, usually last for LVL 48 + in about 3 minutes with a good group and a maximum of 4 minutes with an average group.
    Time of Honor winner will receive 100pts over 1.9k of gold and the losing team will earn a maximum of 10pts Honour and virtually no gold.
    PS: the teams pull out all the items except the character's weapon to facilitate killing the team will lose, this is essential in the farm.

    Ae you ask me but that's not little Honor?

    A: Yes but think of the time it takes, each game takes about 3min earning 100pts d Honneur.
    Hourly you can earn up to 800pts of Honor.
    If you play all day on the battlefield can earn about 10k to more than one week in honor WHAT can acquire and honorable throughout their set.

    Good guys think it's all there ^ ^.
    PS:Sorry if there are any errors in english, google translator is not perfect ^ ^.

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    it disable in AikaIn, coz to many player used that..

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    Thank you for the tutorial helped a lot!

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    yes this remove in my aika.any other idea to farm honor

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    faster on the relics of war I think
    every place we will get a reward Relic 400 honor
    sorry if my English bad

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