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    Setting up a Guild in Aika

    Purpose of guild
    Brief history of how and why your guild was formed. You’ll want to include a brief introduction about yourself, about your leadership skills and what path you wish to lead your guild on or to. Also add the advantages of joining your particular guild and why.

    A lot of guilds fail to live out the first couple of months due to inactive players/especially leaders and or inexperienced leaders. Join one first before starting your own, just to get some idea/s of whats involved in running a guild.

    Guild Name
    Guild names is the first thing players will see. Divinity Guardians - makes me think this is a guild fighting for the right of good.

    So select names for you guild carefully, as this will draw potential new recruits to investigate your guild further. The idea is to attract their attention away from the many guilds listed in the guild section.

    Guild Website
    Optional:-May want to make a website for your guild. Good place for guild members to post their ideas, talk, pictures, videos, etc ...
    If your not good at making a website, find someone in your guild who is. All players love showing off their character wins and or outfits ... etc ...

    Social Grace- You need to be civilized not only to your guild members, but also to other guilds and their members as well. It is not uncommon for members of other guilds whom may prefer to change over. So be polite, patient, and smile

    As a guild leader, you need to connect with both your officers and guild members. If you lack the skill to do so, delegate this responsibility to someone more suited to the job. A Ambassador if you will, or Liaison officer.

    Team Leaders/Officers
    Not only will you be constantly sought after for advice, but the weight of a leaders responsibility needs to be carefully delegated amongst your most trusted officers, your most aptly suited officers, per position - after all, they are the ones, your members will look up to when your not online, choose carefully. Please ensure all your guild members are aware of your hierarchy members

    Guild requirements/recruitment
    Guild Requirements
    Some guilds may have certain requirements. Make sure you state your guilds specific preferences to potential new recruits.
    What type of players are you looking for. High profile players. High level players. Whatever your decision, make sure you let your recruiting officers/guild members know what you are looking for, when it comes to recruiting players. Give clear guidelines to those you have trusted to find/recruit new guild members.

    Keep a list of character names of guild members, levels and class. Keep this separate (word document) with brief notes, such as "warnings" you may have issued and to whom, and or players wanting help with build etc ... you can't be expected to remember everything, so write it down. You'll be able to see whos' stopped contributing/helping the guild progress etc ... think wisely, before acting. Discuss any repercussions first with your officers/hierarchy.

    Interest in joining guild
    It’s good to see what type of person is wanting to join your guild and why. You can see if they follow the same goals as your guild and their commitment they are willing to offer your guild - without running off to another guild because their name sounds better and or has better leadership or larger in numbers. So ask questions you find relevant to your guild - to potential new recruits. You need to ascertain whether or not new players are to remain loyal to the guild. Trial new recruits is always a good idea.

    Guild recruitment application
    Besides guild requirements, what requirements do you want of your new recruits? Think about the type of players you want in your guild, and their roles that they are to fill. Write down questions you think are important for new recruits that would help benefit your guild. (See skill set).

    Sounds like a job interview. Well it is. Each of your guild member has a job/role to fill. Make sure you have the right person for the right role. Ensure to include how often a potential new recruitment is online. A level 30 player that's on once in awhile is useless to you. Choose carefully.

    Skill set???
    Not everyone is savvy at first in starting a guild and or leading one etc... It’s good to find out what each person in your guild is able to offer, in order help make your job as a guild leader a lot easier. And hone in on those players that show some type of talent … that would help benefit your guild, could be designing guild signatures, or videos.

    To many guilds recruit players and don't bother to ask if they have any other talents besides winning battles.

    Trainers- There are some talented players out there with “build” skills. Some of your guild members may want help with their builds, so have a “trainer” at hand to help players of your guild that want help with their builds.

    Player Activity Another good thing to find out is what type of gamer are you recruiting and or looking for! Casual gamers, active gamers, hardcore gamers.


    Allies/Fallen/Neutrals Despite our best efforts, enemies (fallen) will be made. Allies will be made. Consider each alliance carefully. Don't want to make an alliance with a leader whose a bit of a hot head, and may be more of a hindrance then an ally. Decline with the grace of a gentleman/gentlewoman.

    Goals- Set goals for your guild members. Be realistic. Not everyone is on 24/7. You may need to set individual goals per person, to help your guild progress.

    Reward systems- in place for players that help guild progression, etc
    It is rumored that players may be able to mail items to other players, if so, this would be a hugely beneficial to guilds, to keep players active and online if a daily reward system was offered to regular contributors.

    Contributions/Acknowledgments- List names of players that contribute regularly, as this will encourage players.

    [b] Guild rules/punishments
    Punishments- and or demotions for players that break rules/or do nothing to contribute,

    Rules- remember…Harsh rules only discourage players from joining … so consider content carefully.

    Meetings-Establish set time/date for online meetings … and for players that are unable to attend, Guild websites, so players are aware of any new changes and or new members to your guilds. (ensure each guild member leaves their name after they have read the notice board. This will allow you to see, which members have not yet visited the board).

    Oaths and warcries
    Warcry-You may want to incorporate a “warcry” each time your guild members duels. Example: “The Wu Chu guild apologizes in advance for your untimely death”.

    Bonus: Create Guild Signatures for your members to use on the forums. This is a great way for you guild to get noticed.

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