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    Pheltas, the Dice Dungeon.

    Pheltas can be entered by speaking to Theletar Zarethan in Cirrugor, below Skill Tutors. To enter, you must have the Holy Dice, which can be obtained by being in a cap raid of a relic in Lakia(Temples) or in Traband(Towers). This dungeon scales to the average level of the party. This dungeon requires a party of 6.

    Theletar Zarethan has 2 daily quests, both giving Medals of Courage on completion. One will ask for a Sacred Medal, which can be obtained, along with Holy Dice, by being in a cap raid in Lakia. The second will ask for a Mark of the Tower, which can be obtained, along with Holy Dice, by being in a cap raid in Traband. Both daily will also ask for 10 Roots of Evil, which drops from Pheltas' monsters.

    When entering Pheltas, you will be in a room with a pillar in the middle. There is 26 stages available, but you won't visit them all in 1 run. To move through stages, you will interact with the pillar in the middle of the room, after the room has been cleared. You can interact with the pillar at any time during Rest Stages(Green), but I don't think your party members will appreciate this, so stay away from the pillar. After clicking on the pillar, "dice will be through" and you will move through x stages.

    Possible numbers from rolling: -1, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
    Time Limit: 30 minutes(need confirmation)

    Stages contain the same monsters, nothing is randomized. For a list of what each stage contains(for pure knowledge, I guess), see below.

    Monster List
    Stage 0: Lobby
    Stage 1: 1 sword, 1 aluvia, 2 PD spirit
    Stage 2: Ice Titans
    Stage 3: Verits
    Stage 4: Bunnies (Exp only)
    Stage 5: Cannibal Plants
    Stage 6: Buba +Healing Elyseo *3
    Stage 7: Warkeni (Ariela Boss)
    Stage 8: Queen Azu (Prison Despero Boss)
    Stage 9: Ennvictus (Zantorian Citadel Boss)
    Stage 10: Boxes (Drops only)
    Stage 11:
    Stage 12: Bunnies (Exp only)
    Stage 13: Ice Titans
    Stage 14: Boxes (Drops only)
    Stage 15: Zelnera Priest +Zelnera Wizard *2
    Stage 16: Bunnies (Exp only)
    Stage 17:
    Stage 18: Aluvia *4
    Stage 19:
    Stage 20: Rhea +Cerebus *3
    Stage 21: 2 Swords, 2 PD Spirits
    Stage 22: Boxes (Drops only)
    Stage 23: Queen Azu (Prison Despero Boss)
    Stage 24: Warkeni (Ariela Boss)
    Stage 25: Ennvictus (Zantorian Citadel Boss)
    Stage 26: Exit

    Boss Stages
    Warkeni: He has several annoying skills, but I think everyone will agree if I say that his flash bang is his most annoying.

    Queen Azu: For this boss, do not stand next to each other. Azu has an AoE Stun, Large AoE Fear(Starts using it at 50% HP left), Large Belladona Effect and a Short AoE Paralyze(This one only aims for the 2nd highest threat generated, so do not stand to each other!). Clerics, use Purify on the Belladona Effect! or if you're a Warrior above 75, use Howl of Freedom. Note that her Bella Effect AoE has a purple icon(red bordered) and that it creates a green gas around the affected characters.

    Ennvictus: Easiest boss of Pheltas. He will only do 2 skills. An AoE Stun and a Single Target DoT.

    Mimics(Stage 10/14/22) Drop List
    Potion of STR up(+50 STR for an hour)
    Potion of INT up(+50 INT for an hour)
    Potion of DEX up(+50 DEX for an hour)
    Protection Potion(+20 ASR for an hour)
    Aegis Health Potion(+5000 HP when used)
    Aegis Mana Potion(+5000 MP when used)
    Package Box

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