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    Unlocking Prison Despero Daily Quests

    This is for people who don't know how to unlock them because they skipped every quests or whatever.

    To unlock the Daily Quests, you must first claim the quest named "Elixir Union" from Tribune of Cohort Cameron at Cameron's Residence in Basilica Giovannis. The quest is available when you have a pran equiped and doesn't require any quests to be completed to be unlocked. All you need to do is speak with Theletar Silbeoring at Yard of Prophet.

    Fallen Holy Sword Ajort
    -Eliminate 4 Evil Sword Ajorts (Floor 1)
    Rewards : Piece of Elixir Goldcoin *1 (Normal/Hard), Piece of Elixir Goldcoin *2(Elite)

    Terms of the Transaction
    -Eliminate 4 Arabellas (Floor 2)
    Rewards : Piece of Elixir Goldcoin *1 (Normal/Hard), Piece of Elixir Goldcoin *2(Elite)

    Ice the Disrupter
    -Eliminate 4 Frozen Liches (Floor 3)
    Rewards : Piece of Elixir Goldcoin *1 (Normal/Hard), Piece of Elixir Goldcoin *2(Elite)

    The Black Queen
    -Eliminate Queen Azu (Floor 3; Chamber)
    Rewards : Piece of Elixir Goldcoin *2 (Normal/Hard/Elite)

    Normal Dailies : Pieces of Elixir Goldcoin *5
    Hard Dailies : Pieces of Elixir Goldcoin *5
    Elite Dailies : Pieces of Elixir Goldcoin *8
    You can get a total of 18 pieces per day on a single character. Dailies reset at 6am PST/9am EST, at the same time as Hell Dungeons.

    You can trade 10 Pieces for a full Elixir Goldcoin at the blacksmith(will add name later) in Regenshein. With theses coins, you can buy items from the mysterious merchants in the dungeon Prison Despero.

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    Congrulations, I did not know about it.

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