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    Aika Dungeon - Jail Death

    Inside the Tower of Giovanni is an ancient maze attended by the Great Prophet. Long ago, it was used as a prison for all the traitors who rebelled and conspired against the Goddess Aika. Now, it was invaded by some of the most powerful followers of Zereca and the labyrinth is under full control of the terrible Queen Azu.

    This prison is home to new and powerful monsters that can easily paralyze and destroy even the most powerful Elters. This dungeon however, is home to many treasures ready to be picked by those who survive and fight the evil army of Queen Azu. In addition, early records report that revenues from some of the most powerful equipment of all Lakia were stored deep within the prison. There are rumors about the leaders of Zereca have discovered these old recipes and are keeping them carefully in his power.

    The entrance to the Prison of Despair can be found in the Garden of the Seer (Termes) and is accessible only to players level 61 or higher. To participate, you need the waxes, the same as the Garden of Mirza.
    It is recommended to get the level 70 quest "Finding Farrell" and also the quest "Family Research McLean" before entering the dungeon.

    NOTE: There are three NPCs' Merchants Secret "inside the prison. There is one on the first floor, another on the second floor, and the last is on the third floor. These special NPC sell items that are needed in confeccção of new equipment. Equipment that will be the strongest of the game (so far).

    First floor
    To advance to the second floor, you need to kill the boss which is basically a giant ^ ^ Nerine, called VertRagna. When you have killed him, teleport to the second floor should appear at the end of the map. VertRagna can be found walking on the Giant circular area before leaving the first floor.

    Second floor
    To advance to the third floor, you have to kill a winged monster called Ashis it looks like the "death" (see image below). It can be found in the central room (one big room ^ ^) and he is standing near the entrance to the next floor.
    When you kill Ashis, teleportation to the third floor should appear.

    3rd floor
    In the central hall, you will find a set of stairs with a bright green entrance. A teleporter will appear in place once you've killed the boss "winged knight" named Ahriman. This boss is wandering in the hallway near the exit of this area.

    After killing Ahriman, go back to the staircase you will find bright and the "Queen's Gate." You will need to use it to be transported to another room where you fight against the Queen Azu.

    After defeating the Queen Azu, a teletranspote appear and bring it back to the third floor. If you have the quest "Finding Farrell," then you should have received the Heart of the Black Queen Azu after killing her.

    At the end of the room, you can find the "Teleport to the Secret Room." You must be a complete group (n must be perfect en) and all its members must have Blackheart Imaginary and use it. If one group does not have the Blackheart imaginary, then the entire group will be unable to enter the Secret Room.

    Hearts on these:

    There are three types of heart. All with the same name but with different levels (Normal / Hard / Elite).
    If any member of the group does not have the heart, the dungeon and can just go home.
    For now I do not know where to get them such hearts. Maybe they are dropped into the DG or maybe possamser bought out. I'll try to find out.

    Secret Room
    Inside the secret room, you'll fight against Farrell. After you kill him you will have the chance to receive the Book of Farrell (Green, Blue or Red).
    Clicking right on top of this book you will get the proceeds of the Crystals Rare / Rare LV70 and also the item needed to complete the quest "McLean Family Research."

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