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    New Relics in Aika

    Said and done. Karena It appears that I have new information in hand.
    There are corrections in New Relics. Unlike the last post, now who got the information I myself (finally!).

    Now with the (possible) names ^ ^

    1 - Holy Lance

    5 - Sacred Balance
    Skills Attack increased by 10%

    Double Attack rate increased by 3
    2 - Holy Mirror

    6 - Sacred Painting
    Critical increased by 3

    Abnormal status resistance increasing by 5
    3 - Sacred Feather

    7 - Sacred Oil
    Brand rate increased by 7

    Physical Attack on monsters increased by 3%
    4 - Holy Sandal

    8 - Sacred Stone
    Evasion increased by 3

    Magic Attack on Monsters increased by 3%

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