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    Aika Dungeon - Argent Forest of Secrets

    Argent Forest, Grey Forest, Forest Silver. How many names has the same forest?
    But THIS is not about the forest that I speak today. Let's talk about something else ... secret.

    Forest Silver / Argent Hidden
    Forest Silver / Argent Hides
    Forest Silver / Argent Secret

    It is a map where only those who master the three Torres can get together.

    The map is identical to the normal forest, but with the exception that there are no NPCs forest normal and also that there is only 3 monsters Guardian Crimson, Black Guardian and Vicious Mediator.

    Once inside the forest, you can only return to Ephesus through this portal. The scrolls do not work within this map.

    In place of the Wyverns are the Guardians Black / Ruddy, depends on the side of the map you are going.

    In the normal map, here were the Wyverns, Wyverns Mutantes, the Fairies. It's just hidden in the Guardian.

    At the top, find the Mediators.

    The biggest change in the Hidden Forest is this one NPC that gives you three missions a day.
    There is also a store where the item is sold below (???).

    OnGame gives a little help, we can not read in "????? onth "
    ¬ ¬ '
    This item 2kk when opened, gives random crystals.
    Ex: Crystal (armor) +3 Speed
    Crystal (weapon) cooling decreased by 6%

    What I know about them:
    • The items of the first two quests drop of only 3 mobs on the map.
    • The reward? "? - Strange Pocket" when opened gives random items: Potions, Facion Enriched, Hira, Kaizer.
    You know those gift boxes? It is the same.
    Unless someone has taken something "rare" inside of this thing ....

    Now the third question of the image is a mystery. You receive an item (Poison Apple) and have to hand it to an NPC that does not exist.

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