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    Aika Dungeon - The Cave Lycan

    New recipes, new items!
    Drops, drops and more drops.

    The Cave Lycan, despite having several heads as shown below, will not be necessary to defeat one by one to go his way.

    Once you have defeated the Boss B2, B3 or B4, a gate will open ready to take you to the "second part" of the cave.

    The Chief B1 does not open any gate.

    To get the maximum profit possible, I recommend you / your group kill all the bosses and monsters.

    [Normal | Hard | Elite]

    The drop of Hira / The Kaizer happens, but it is very difficult.

    Normal Monster, you'll get:

    Hira / B Kaizer
    Essence of Skadi
    Set / Weapon level 72

    Heads, you get:

    Recipes for the Body of Truth Hunter
    Sets lv72, Hira / B Kaizer

    Summing up the Assembly of Truth Hunter:

    It is like a set of the Abyss
    Although it seems rare because of the appearance and have add a bonus, the set is higher (up to +4 refines without breaking).
    Even the set / weapon being to level 75, the recipe can be created already at level 73.


    Top item related to revenue (a Superior Glove Glove to create a Hunter of Truth)
    Enriched Facion
    Essence of Skadi

    I do not know if there is likely to fail, and if I do not know the percentage.

    The Effect (4) is set:
    Strength increased by 25
    Intelligence increased by 25
    Agility increased by 25
    Constitution / Vitality increased by 25
    Luck / Mental Power increased by 25

    The last two heads, you get:
    (Janus and Jerennis Jerennis Roshan)

    Weapon / Set upper level 72
    Weapons "Demon Sealed"
    Weapons "Cursed Demon"
    Fragment Jerennis

    These three items are needed to craft a rare weapon lv.75 unique, which I quoted in post Giant Monster: Leopold.

    The problem will be if the drop Weapon Recipe 75 oo 65 is as bad, as the giant monsters are just a unit for map / nation, right?
    There is only one Leopold.

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