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    Aika Dungeons - Attack to the Castelo Verus

    Did he/she get to defend Antalya? Now it is hour of attacking!
    As we defended the Cannon of Facion during the defenses of Antalya, the meter of the Attack to the Castelo Verus goes if filling. Once it is 100%, the Attack will be agendado.

    The total duration of the Attack is 40 minutes. These are dividos in 3 parts:
    • Escorts from the Cannon to the Castle
    • Breaks of the gates
    • to Defeat the Bosses

    Escort of the Cannon

    The escort includes the whole main road of Antalya, going until the entrance of the Castle. Monsters will attack the Cannon in 3 stages. To pass for the next stage it is necessary to defeat all of the montros.
    The Cannon doesn't move if it be attacked.
    The more close the cannon to arrive of the gates, stronger the monsters will become.

    - And be the cannon destroyed during the escort?
    The Cannon will repair automatically. As it was said previously, the problem is that the Cannon moves when it is attacked and the time is 40min.

    He breaks of the gates
    If the escort goes well happened, the cannon will shoot a ray bunch in the symbol in the middle in the gate.

    When this symbol be destroyed, all can attack the gate and to destroy him/it! Then it begins the true battle!
    Elter vs. Zereca

    The defeat of the Bosses

    Inside of the Castle there are 8 different Bosses. ALL should be defeated for you to leave victorious of the battle!

    To begin the battle against these monsters, first you should defeat who is in turn of the "Key of the Emancipation" (Key of Emancipation). it Defeats the protectors of the key and click in her.

    Once the key has been activated, Boss will be awake. Each Boss will come in a certain period of time, for that it is important to defeat him/it before the neighbor also comes!
    The image below display the time for the arrival of the next boss.

    During the battle, Farrel will try to interrupt using sorceries and summoning monsters.
    1st Interruption: Battlefield: Farrel will throw magics for the whole battlefield causing damage to Elters. The damage increases according to the time.
    2nd Interruption:Summoning Monsters: Farrel now will call their subordinates for the battle. Monsters will fall of the sky causing debuffs and damage in area conforming cae in the ground.
    3rd Interruptionoor of the Dimension: Farrel will create the "Door of the Dimension" that if it be not destroyed in time, more monsters will enter in the battle for those door.

    Rewards await who destroys the Door, but nothing will come from the monsters that go by her.

    If Elters get to eliminate all the 8 Bosses on those 40 minutes, then they will win Castelo Verus's control and access Dungeon Spiral Highway where Farrel is hidden. The entrance of Dungeon is inside of the Castle.


    When defeating the monsters of the Attack you can obtain:
    •Moeda of Ouro Eldin (all of the group)
    When defeating the Bosses, Coins of Gold and Boxes of Magic Crystals will be distributed aleatoriamente.

    During the apprenticeships of the Attack to the Castle aleatoriamente will be distributed the Boxes of Verus.
    They contain several useful items (probably the same of the Box of Karena).

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