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    CTE Bug in depth, you will never spend a CTE Ticket again!

    The CTE Bug allows you to get in the CTE and win the reward (1 lvl up) without spending a CTE ticket.

    -A chronometer
    -A CTE Ticket (This will not be consumed but you need it)
    -At least 1 person spending a ticket. If everyone tries to bug and no one spends the ticket, everyone will be kicked from the CTE, so you gotta have 1 random person that wont do the bug so it will work for everyone else. Normally there is always one guy that don't know how to bug so it's fine, you will probably be successful.

    1 - Make sure you have a CTE ticket in YOUR inventory (Not in the Pran's)
    2 - As soon as CTE notification pops you sould get in
    3 - Run to the red side of the arena. You will find a Teleporter there, stand right beside it but dont click it yet
    4 - When the CTE timer reach EXACTLY 121, double click the teleport and start your chronometer at the same time. Make sure you double click exactly when the time turns 121.
    5 - You will be teleported back to Reg in the PvP server, press ESC and change to PvE server
    6 - You are now at Reg in PvE with the chronometer running, double click the CTE notification and type the 4 number CTE code but DON'T CONFIRM, wait.
    7 - When the chronometer hits EXACTLY 1:59, confirm the entrance
    8 - After 5 seconds you will be teleported inside the CTE and it should have already started, you will notice you haven't spent your ticket

    On the second CTE stage, you don't have to run to the safe areas, just stand still and you won't die because your HP Regen is higher than the meteors damage.

    -I got in but nothing hapened and i got teleported back after a while
    R: That's because no one spent a ticket and everyone used the bug. At least 1 person need to spend a ticket for it to work.

    -I couldn't get back in when i did Step 7
    R: You confirmed it too late, you need to do it when the time turns 1:59.

    That's all folks, if you have any doubts hit me up and i'll try to help you

    *I can't post images because i don't have a post yet to be able to use links, as soon as i can i will put some images here

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    nâo temos cte mais hahaa
    Anime One Piece muito show

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