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    How to get a Naked Cleric

    NOTE: The title is a "BIT" misleading since it will not be a totally nude cleric. However it will look funny anyways. Here's a screenshot:
    Can't post since I don't have 1 post ~_~

    This is simply done by replacing the naked texture for cleric with the naked texture for the Paladin. It doesn't fit perfectly but it looks cute I have edited a texture myself but I'm keeping that private since it probably looks toooooooo revealing xD

    Here's what you need to do:
    1- Go to Textures Folder and look for file CH06040101.jit
    2- Rename it to CH06040101-Old.jit
    3- Look for CH02040101.jit and make a copy of it.
    4- Rename the COPY to CH06040101.jit.
    5- Restart your game.
    6- Log your cleric
    7- Take of clothes and enjoy~

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