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    Post Set Honor 95

    1 Item is honor?
    The new equipment 1) can be worn in the 95 level and is specialized in PvP.
    You can get through the game by making honor the item (material) for certain.

    2 New honor items
    1) Item will be added to each job's honor [conqueror] the series.
    2) Basic Information (Revision)

    Set of 3) of the Conqueror

    3 Honorable item acquisition method
    1) can be produced by [Recipe] honor items.
    The elements required for 2) Honorable item is produced.
    ① recipe is that you can create a recipe honor items.

    A. The presence of each of the recipes can be produced per item.
    B. You can purchase only honor recipe.
    C. The NPC is selling the recipe below.
    ② Materials
    The main ingredient to create the Honorable A. Items to [the eyika integer].
    B. Can be obtained through the fields, dungeons, daily quests.
    Obtained 04 recipes

    1) Purchase a recipe with the NPC that exists on disk Kero Oh.
    2) Right click the mouse where you purchased the recipe.

    05 Production conditions meet

    1) Identify items that need to honor the material and the quantity produced.
    2) If you meet the requirements, you choose the Publish button.
    3) Select the Publish button to proceed to manufacture the item.

    Complete 06 production
    The pop-up is completed: 1) Publish the notification window was a success.
    2) If the check is successful in making an inventory item is paid.

    New image glory 7 items per character
    Post radiator
    Chaos Sorcerer

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