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    Gellan at Forest

    1) New fields have been added to gellan at the forest.

    2) gellan at the rakiah added to the new forest area, near Termez and the hunting ground of the Banjul

    Mirza occurs near the entrance to the public garden of the forest where the two can go through the driveway.

    3) The area, along with new monsters, new to a particular sacred building appeared to be added.


    [The aim Yreka truly is ...? -

    People who lived in rakiah suddenly roar back with shaking heaven and earth at the same time shocked
    the start of the invasion will finally my Yreka? Half of those questioned beaten, half-wrong.
    looking for the epicenter of the shock is found that El teodeul, full disk containing the Peron pouring from the earth and there was a monster out.
    Yreka was brainwashed by my shield to hide the El teodeul area during which, in the past has been named gellan at forest land was wide. Also named as a colorless to forest destruction and debris left on the ground are upset Jean, who was originally scheduled to lead building turned out to be written. Surprisingly, the regen Colony resulted Shine like
    to put them on the ground also after sending rakiah, leads you through the plan was to transport troops will stand.

    Fortunately, by the impact of the rise and lead to the clash natgo shattered, and now for the recovery monsters
    bunjuhi transposing the car is moving, but blocked by a stop in El teodeul. In addition, the land containing the
    Magi to suppress the display of a newly Peron used in building construction, gellan forest is now fully perforated at the island
    seems to be a part of rakiah.

    However, some think that a lot of doubt without decompressing elteo a commander. Yreka is without any second thought,
    give rakiah as if to prevent the fall of Peron full display at the forest up gellan not re-send.
    built in to the power of Bill Perron also display to other parts of the building, probably because a different the ability to show a strange
    beginning to. The emergence of gellan forest at the first part of his plan may perhaps ......


    <Gellan local forest supervisor at Monster>


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