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    Starting out in Aika Na

    Hello been playing aika Na for 3 years+ figured id give out some info on starting out in aika . So first off you can go to disceroa area and do the only quest in the area, will give you a instant level 21. After that you will want to do Bag quests and Pran quests, which will be easily found in Regenshien and Verband. Once you complete that id suggest testing out the class and current skills, maybe try out other classes, talk with people in shout chat about the game to get a better understanding. You will want to save up 300 Talents, you can get 1 every 10 minutes and 2 every 10 minutes on weekdays. So in about 50 hours of AFKing you can get a free level 71 from talent shop(includes free gear). Ok now your probably gonna need some gold. You will want to get Movespeed+4 Xtal(Algon Post) and Crit+4(Celestine Caverns). That will get u a total of about 5 mil after sold. From there just do Aitian Training Center every hour at XX:57 and within a month you will get level 81 good luck ^_^

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