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    Recommended AAs for a Demonologist

    NOTE: This is for Raiding only, not for PVP.

    Even though there is a full tree of perks that you can use, here are my suggestions on what you should look to get first and what to use in raids.

    General Tree
    My advice: Always use Decisive Strikes + Pressing Strikes.

    Decisive Strikes
    More Crit. Yes. This.

    Pressing Strikes
    More Hit. More Crit Damage. Also good.

    Archeytpe Tree
    My advice: Use Enchanter and Will of the Sublime. Exchange Will of the Sublime with Unbinding Charm if needed for the encounter.

    Subtle Illusion
    Note: Doesn't need a perk slot.
    Reduces the amount aggro you have already got by 20%. Good thing. Use this before getting aggro. The cast time is too slow to be effective after you got aggro. E. g.: Use at 80% of the boss's HP, then whenever the cooldown is through, i. e. every two minutes.

    Increases rogues' damage by a huge amount. Why is this a good thing? Because rogues drawing aggro is a useful early warning sign. When the first assassin dies, tone down your damage a bit.

    Will of the Sublime
    Gives you a small amount of additional +Critical damage for every 100 points of Intelligence. Not great, but heck, more than nothing. Does NOT increase critical chance as some seem to believe, just the damage done when you actually crit. Not that great.

    Unbinding Charm
    This spell removes certain debuffs from you and a group member. Only needed in some special encounters (e. g. Coppice of the Heart, Mithrelle in T4). Use as follows: Target the debuffed group/raid member. Move close to him. Very close. Then cast the spell.

    Class Tree
    My advice: Always use Cacodemon and either Ring of Fire or Bindings of the Sky Lord (Depending if you're running a build that maximizes Wave of Flame.

    Gives you a new pet which gives a damage buff to your group. Better than all other pets. Use this.

    Ring of Fire
    Decreases cast time and increases radius of the spell "Waves of Flame". Great perk if you use the spell - see feat build No 3 above. Else, don't bother.

    Bindings of the Skylord
    Use this if you don't use Ring of Fire. Gives you another near-instant direct damage spell. Uses a lot of mana; fully feated, it has a cooldown of 15 seconds and uses 704 mana - that'll burn through your blue bar like thermite. If you have mana problems, don't use this feat. Viable for short encounters, soloing and PvP, though.

    Gives you a small bonus to crit damage when Pact of Set or Archfiend's Pact are running. Bonus at rank 3/5 is +216 = +5% bonus damage, so... well... only use this if you cannot use anything else.

    Boil Blood
    May look good on paper, but is craptastic. Waste of points. Shockstrike and Shockblast do more damage even in conditions ideal for Boil Blood, without needing perk slots.

    Enlarged Shock and Enlarged Hellfire Stream
    These feats give you up to +5 m range on Shock and Hellfire Stream. That's a great thing, especially for the Hybrid build. Don't need perk slots.

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