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    dekaron leveling guide

    This is my guide[DummiC]on leveling in 2Moons.

    So first, for some people who might not wan't to read this whole thing at once, I've broke it up in to sections, which you can find by copying and pasting the code into the Find Tab[Ctrl+F]And I'll post the index here for those of you who don't want to scroll down:


    The Basics[2MLGS1]
    Required Equipment Level[2MLGS2]
    Dungeon Levels[2MLGS3]
    Area Levels[2MLGS4]
    Leveling: Tips and Tricks[2MLGS5]

    Now, to start off on the guide:

    [2MLGS1]The Basics:

    Now, if you are going to learn how to level up, you must know what some basic things are, lets start of by telling you what EXP is:

    EXP is a short word for experience, it does mean what you have experienced, as in, what you have felt, touched, heard and saw. Also, in games experience is a percentage out of 100[Possibly Higher, but its 100 in this game] that tells you how much more you need to kill to level up.

    The way experience works, is when you do something, such as kill a monster, your experience gets higher, and you get a step further to getting your level up.

    Now, for those of you who don't know, a level is a number that counts how many times you have hit 100% experience, it's also a number that mean's you can equip better items.

    Every time that you level up, getting your experience up gets harder, according to what monsters you fight. But about that later.

    Also, you should know there are other ways of gaining experience, theres not just killing monsters.

    Heres a list of the basic ways you can gain experience in:

    * By Killing monsters
    * By Fishing[Must Be Succesful]
    * By Completing a Dungeon
    * By Finishing a Quest

    Experience can be gained quickly and slowly, this depends on your level AND on what monsters you fight

    The only way you can tell if monsters give decent experience, is by the colour of their name. This is the type of colour code that will really help you when leveling, so you can find out what type of monsters to fight.

    This is how the colour code works:

    Red: Dangerous, The monster shouldn't be attacked, but you can at your own risk. You will get pretty decent exp.

    White: Neutral, You can attack the monster and get some decent experience, maybe not as good as a Dangerous monster.

    Green: Weak, Dont attack the monster because you will easily be able to kill it, and the exp is pretty low.

    That way, you will be able to know which monsters to fight.

    Also, a thing to watch out for is if a monster is red, you might be able to kill it, but with some difficulty, and a possible chance of death.

    [2MLGS2]Required Equipment Level:

    As you level up, you will need to buy new equipment to stay fresh and powerfull.

    Here is a really complicated chart about what armours and weapons you get and at what level you get them at.

    The number at the side is the level required, and the others are just names.

    Also, this is only the Set section, under it is the weapon section.

    Azure Knight:

    The Valour Set

    2 Valour Pants
    3 Valour Boots
    4 Valour Glove
    5 Valour Armor
    6 Valour Helmet

    Gaurdian Set:

    14 Guardian Pants
    15 Guardian Boots
    16 Guardian Glove
    17 Guardian Armor
    18 Guardian Helmet

    Thunder Set:

    27 Thunder Pants
    28 Thunder Boots
    29 Thunder Glove
    30 Thunder Armor
    31 Thunder Helmet

    Titan Set:

    40 Titan Pants
    41 Titan Boots
    42 Titan Glove
    43 Titan Armor
    44 Titan Helmet

    Radiance Set:

    52 Radiance Pants
    53 Radiance Boots
    54 Radiance Glove
    55 Radiance Armor
    56 Radiance Helmet

    Aquila Set:

    64 Aquila Pants
    65 Aquila Boots
    66 Aquila Glove
    67 Aquila Armor
    68 Aquila Helmet

    Eternity Set:

    76 Eternity Pants
    77 Eternity Boots
    78 Eternity Glove
    79 Eternity Armor
    80 Eternity Helmet

    Quasar Set:

    88 Quasar Pants
    89 Quasar Boots
    90 Quasar Glove
    91 Quasar Armor
    92 Quasar Helmet

    Cyrus Set[Truly one of my favourites]:

    100 Cyrus Pants
    102 Cyrus Boots
    104 Cyrus Glove
    106 Cyrus Armor
    108 Cyrus Helmet

    Legendary Sets:

    The Polaris Set:

    46 Polaris Pants
    47 Polaris Boots
    48 Polaris Glove
    49 Polaris Armor
    50 Polaris Helmet

    The Conqueror Set:

    58 Conqueror Pants
    59 Conqueror Boots
    60 Conqueror Glove
    61 Conqueror Armor
    62 Conqueror Helmet

    The Balder Set:

    82 Balder Pants
    84 Balder Boots
    86 Balder Glove
    88 Balder Armor
    90 Balder Helmet

    Bagi Warrior:

    Spine Set:

    2 Spine Pants
    3 Spine Boots
    4 Spine Glove
    5 Spine Armor
    6 Spine Helmet

    Brabus Set:

    14 Brabus Pants
    15 Brabus Boots
    16 Brabus Glove
    17 Brabus Armor
    18 Brabus Helmet

    Oxhorn Set:

    27 Oxhorn Pants
    28 Oxhorn Boots
    29 Oxhorn Glove
    30 Oxhorn Armor
    31 Oxhorn Helmet

    Lumen Set:

    40 Lumen Pants
    41 Lumen Boots
    42 Lumen Glove
    43 Lumen Armor
    44 Lumen Helmet

    Baratur Set:

    52 Baratur Pants
    53 Baratur Boots
    54 Baratur Glove
    55 Baratur Armor
    56 Baratur Helmet

    Leo Set:

    64 Leo Pants
    65 Leo Boots
    66 Leo Glove
    67 Leo Armor
    68 Leo Helmet

    Hercules Set:

    76 Hercules Pants
    77 Hercules Boots
    78 Hercules Glove
    79 Hercules Armor
    80 Hercules Helmet

    Constantiia Set:

    88 Constantiia Pants
    89 Constantiia Boots
    90 Constantiia Glove
    91 Constantiia Armor
    92 Constantiia Helmet

    Caelum Set:
    100 Caelum Pants
    102 Caelum Boots
    104 Caelum Glove
    106 Caelum Armor
    108 Caelum Helmet

    Legendary Sets:

    The Gigas Set:

    46 Gigas Pants
    47 Gigas Boots
    48 Gigas Glove
    49 Gigas Armor
    50 Gigas Helmet

    Agri Set:

    58 Agri Pants
    59 Agri Boots
    60 Agri Glove
    61 Agri Armor
    62 Agri Helmet

    Tornaq Set:

    82 Tornaq Pants
    84 Tornaq Boots
    86 Tornaq Glove
    88 Tornaq Armor
    90 Tornaq Helmet

    Vicious Summoner:

    Arcane Set:

    2 Arcane Pants
    3 Arcane Boots
    4 Arcane Glove
    5 Arcane Armor
    6 Arcane Helmet

    Dire Set:

    14 Dire Pants
    15 Dire Boots
    16 Dire Glove
    17 Dire Armor
    18 Dire Helmet

    NobleOcre Set:

    27 NobleOcre Pants
    28 NobleOcre Boots
    29 NobleOcre Glove
    30 NobleOcre Armor
    31 NobleOcre Helmet

    Bianca Set:

    40 Bianca Pants
    41 Bianca Boots
    42 Bianca Glove
    43 Bianca Armor
    44 Bianca Helmet

    Aeprit Set:

    52 Aeprit Pants
    53 Aeprit Boots
    54 Aeprit Glove
    55 Aeprit Armor
    56 Aeprit Helmet

    Phoenix Set:

    64 Phoenix Pants
    65 Phoenix Boots
    66 Phoenix Glove
    67 Phoenix Armor
    68 Phoenix Helmet

    Abraxas Set:

    76 Phoenix Pants
    77 Phoenix Boots
    78 Phoenix Glove
    79 Phoenix Armor
    80 Phoenix Helmet

    Eudaemon Set:

    88 Eudaemon Pants
    89 Eudaemon Boots
    90 Eudaemon Glove
    91 Eudaemon Armor
    92 Eudaemon Helmet

    Ardor Set:

    100 Ardor Pants
    102 Ardor Boots
    104 Ardor Glove
    106 Ardor Armor
    108 Ardor Helmet

    Legend Sets:

    The Chaotic Set:

    46 Chaotic Pants
    47 Chaotic Boots
    48 Chaotic Glove
    49 Chaotic Armor
    50 Chaotic Helmet

    The Arc Ribs Set:

    58 Arch's Rib Pants
    59 Arch's Rib Boots
    60 Arch's Rib Glove
    61 Arch's Rib Armor
    62 Arch's Rib Helmet

    Arch Diva Helmets:

    71 Arc Deva Helmet [Effects] DEF +12 MP +100 Ice Resistance +7%

    70 Vanzer Deva Helmet [Effects] HP +180 MP +125 Lightning Resistance +6%

    The Picaresque Set:

    82 Picaresque Pants
    84 Picaresque Boots
    86 Picaresque Glove
    88 Picaresque Armor
    90 Picaresque Helmet


    Rose Set:

    2 Rose Pants
    3 Rose Boots
    4 Rose Glove
    5 Rose Armor
    6 Rose Helmet

    Atiranks Set:

    14 Atiranks Pants
    15 Atiranks Boots
    16 Atiranks Glove
    17 Atiranks Armor
    18 Atiranks Helmet

    Mustang Set:

    27 Mustang Pants
    28 Mustang Boots
    29 Mustang Glove
    30 Mustang Armor
    31 Mustang Helmet

    Nobles Set:

    40 Nobles Pants
    41 Nobles Boots
    42 Nobles Glove
    43 Nobles Armor
    44 Nobles Helmet

    Sharman Set:

    52 Sharman Pants
    53 Sharman Boots
    54 Sharman Glove
    55 Sharman Armor
    56 Sharman Helmet

    Lumier Set:

    64 Lumier Pants
    65 Lumier Boots
    66 Lumier Glove
    67 Lumier Armor
    68 Lumier Helmet

    Reverence Set:

    76 Reverence Pants
    77 Reverence Boots
    78 Reverence Glove
    79 Reverence Armor
    80 Reverence Helmet

    Soleil Set:

    88 Soleil Pants
    89 Soleil Boots
    90 Soleil Glove
    91 Soleil Armor
    92 Soleil Helmet

    Seigneur Set:

    100 Seigneur Pants
    102 Seigneur Boots
    104 Seigneur Glove
    106 Seigneur Armor
    108 Seigneur Helmet

    Legendary Sets:

    The Sillhoutte Set:

    46 Silhouette Pants
    47 Silhouette Boots
    48 Silhouette Glove
    49 Silhouette Armor
    50 Silhouette Helmet

    The Esprit Set:

    58 Esprit Pants
    59 Esprit Boots
    60 Esprit Glove
    61 Esprit Armor
    62 Esprit Helmet

    The Arabesque Set:

    82 Arabesque Pants
    84 Arabesque Boots
    86 Arabesque Glove
    88 Arabesque Armor
    90 Arabesque Helmet

    Segita Hunter:

    Rapid Set:

    2 Rapid Pants
    3 Rapid Boots
    4 Rapid Glove
    5 Rapid Armor
    6 Rapid Helmet

    Fairy Set:

    14 Fairy Pants
    15 Fairy Boots
    16 Fairy Glove
    17 Fairy Armor
    18 Fairy Helmet

    Tempest Set:

    27 Tempest Pants
    28 Tempest Boots
    29 Tempest Glove
    30 Tempest Armor
    31 Tempest Helmet

    Silf Set:

    40 Silf Pants
    41 Silf Boots
    42 Silf Glove
    43 Silf Armor
    44 Silf Helmet

    Garuda Set:

    52 Garuda Pants
    53 Garuda Boots
    54 Garuda Glove
    55 Garuda Armor
    56 Garuda Helmet

    Astral Set:

    64 Astral Pants
    65 Astral Boots
    66 Astral Glove
    67 Astral Armor
    68 Astral Helmet

    Empress Set:

    76 Empress Pants
    77 Empress Boots
    78 Empress Glove
    79 Empress Armor
    80 Empress Helmet

    Zenith Set:

    88 Zenith Pants
    89 Zenith Boots
    90 Zenith Glove
    91 Zenith Armor
    92 Zenith Helmet

    Eulogy Set:

    100 Eulogy Pants
    102 Eulogy Boots
    104 Eulogy Glove
    106 Eulogy Armor
    108 Eulogy Helmet

    Legendary Sets:

    The Valkyrie Set:

    46 Valkyrie Pants
    47 Valkyrie Boots
    48 Valkyrie Glove
    49 Valkyrie Armor
    50 Valkyrie Helmet

    The Agnis Set:

    58 Agnis Pants
    59 Agnis Boots
    60 Agnis Glove
    61 Agnis Armor
    62 Agnis Helmet

    The Ostera Set:

    82 Ostera Pants
    84 Ostera Boots
    86 Ostera Glove
    88 Ostera Armor
    90 Ostera Helmet

    Incar Magician:

    Breath Set:

    2 Breath Pants
    3 Breath Boots
    4 Breath Glove
    5 Breath Armor
    6 Breath Helmet

    Muse Set:

    14 Muse Pants
    15 Muse Boots
    16 Muse Glove
    17 Muse Armor
    18 Muse Helmet

    Minerva Set:

    27 Minerva Pants
    28 Minerva Boots
    29 Minerva Glove
    30 Minerva Armor
    31 Minerva Helmet

    Supia Set:

    40 Supia Pants
    41 Supia Boots
    42 Supia Glove
    43 Supia Armor
    44 Supia Helmet

    Mirage Set:

    52 Mirage Pants
    53 Mirage Boots
    54 Mirage Glove
    55 Mirage Armor
    56 Mirage Helmet

    Imperial Set:

    64 Imperial Pants
    65 Imperial Boots
    66 Imperial Glove
    67 Imperial Armor
    68 Imperial Helmet

    Pulchcrrima Set:

    76 Pulchcrrima Pants
    77 Pulchcrrima Boots
    78 Pulchcrrima Glove
    79 Pulchcrrima Armor
    80 Pulchcrrima Helmet

    Solongos Set:

    88 Solongos Pants
    89 Solongos Boots
    90 Solongos Glove
    91 Solongos Armor
    92 Solongos Helmet

    Canopy Set:

    100 Canopy Pants
    102 Canopy Boots
    104 Canopy Glove
    106 Canopy Armor
    108 Canopy Helmet

    Okay, I'm not going to do the Legendary Set for Incar Magician yet, and not the weapons either.

    Now, theres another thing you need to now.

    As you level, you will gain something called Stat Points, 5 of them anyway. You can spend them on training some little points called stats.

    Stats are some points that can either increase your HP and Damage, and sometimes even increase your MP. They can make something stronger, like making you stronger as you level up. You must choose what you want to invest your stats into, there are 4 Things that you can invest into, and you only have five stat points per level. And you can only invest a stat point in one stat.

    The Five Stats are:





    Also, every time you level, you get a Skill Point[Only one] which you can invest in your skills.

    You know your first skill you get, you can level that up, or even spend that point to get a new skill, and then level that up.

    BUT!!! With some classes[Such as Azure Knight] you get lots of weapons, and you can only invest your Points in one set of skills, so choose carefully which one your going to invest into.

    I stayed 30 min to write it so i hope admin will validate my account , also its not finished don't have time to but maybe other time i'll finish it.

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    I have got just one quetion: Do I need to pay money for Dekaron?

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