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    Dekaron Hybrid Stat build Azure Knight

    Hey Guys,

    im new to this Forum and i want to show you with this Guide how to build an Hybrid Azure Knight (dual sword)
    Ok first i have round about 3-4 years expierience with this game, so i have tested a lot of builds for my Azure Knight and plenty other classes , started up with full STR, but with full STR you are a great DD ,but for PVP you will not making any step to the glory of winning,
    on the other hand dont go to full Heal, because then you are only like a stone and not making good DMG.

    So ive come to this solution, take the best part from both stat building, the Average DMg output from STR build and the real good HP and Shield from the Heal build, with this build i manage to survive alone in the Draco desert (lvl 80+) right now im paused my Azure Knight (AK from now on), to think about re-stat to handle dual Axes, because they inflict more Raw DMG, Swords are good for Critting. However i think its the best build for an dual sword /dual axe AK, because you will survive more in PVE and PVP.

    so go on every second lvl up : DS ( dual swords) | 2STR | 0 DEX | 2 Heal | 1 Spirit | the other levels add 1 point to DEX but only until you meet the requierements for next weap. then you can look if you need MP or not.
    For DA ( Dual Axe) go like this: | 1 STR | 1 DEX | 2 Heal | 1 Spirit | but DEX agaon only until you reach the requierements for next weapon. then go like : |2 STR| 0 DEX |2Heal|1Spirit| spirit only that much so you can say your MP gauge dont goes to zero after 9 skills.

    so this is an "As far as i know and based on my expierence" Stat build so dont be hard with critics ^^

    if anyone need help ingame feel free to response here in this Thread
    or add me in Skype with an Message and

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